Active School Break Challenge

Cycle Right

We started the month with some Cycle right lessons.

The children were very eager to get started and the shelter was filling up fast with the all the children’s bikes.


The started with a talk about how to check the bike to make sure it can be used and if it is safe. 

                                                 IMG_20220303_114427 IMG_20220303_114430 IMG_20220303_114413 

Once all the bikes were checked, off they went around the course.


              IMG_20220303_123000                       IMG_20220303_122739                             IMG_20220303_140934-Copy

IMG_20220303_140831-Copy IMG_20220303_140852-Copy IMG_20220303_140841-Copy


IMG_20220406_101239 IMG_20220303_141919 IMG_20220406_101248

IMG_20220406_101347 IMG_20220303_140852 IMG_20220303_141934